Los Angeles Petersen Automotive Museum 09.30.2018

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Thank you so much, Alice and Stan, for a fascinating, non-trivial and mega positive tour of Los Angeles. In addition to the main attractions of Los Angeles, we visited locations that we would not be able to find on our own such as a private event at Peterson Automotive museum where we saw very cool and unique cars from 1920th, 1950th and 2000th. We also visited some very nice viewpoints where we were able to see the whole city, locals call it birds’ streets (very beautiful photos came out). On the next day we went for a shopping with Alice, my wife and I bought many awesome items which changed our fashion style a little bit.  Alice knows how to put everything together for sure. This guys also know how to live and eat well, restaurants and cafes with delicious dishes and the ambiance… I can go on and on. Overall, we had a great time, every day was filled with positive emotions and good vibes (so that our heads were spinning around). Of course, we didn’t want to say goodbye at all because time quickly passed in the company of fun and interesting people! Thanks again, it was - One of a kind Experience!  https://classicexperiences.com/tour/